Friday, March 06, 2015

Iran on Israel

  Friday, March 6, 2015
NBC News  Interview--                                                                                    Iran says Israel should be annihilated.
While NBC News 'Ann Curry seemingly conducted a timely interview with Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, the purpose from the Iranian side was to paint Israeli Prime Minister as a child killer and an obstacle to peace.

 The spin was in full motion for Iran to look reasonable and to discount concerns that Iran was developing a nuclear weapon. It was full of denials from the man known to shout at those negotiating with him, including Secretary of State John Kerry. Breitbat, however, reported found buried in the transcript of the interview that Zarif once again, at Curry's persistent questioning, said that Israel "should be annihilated. That this regime is a threat."

Zarif at first denied that Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei had tweeted that Israel should be annihilated.
Then Zarif admitted to that and went on to say that the Netanyahu regime is a threat that should be annihilated. This is the story that didn't make the headlines at a time when the US "president" is trying to convince Americans that it is all right to allow Iran to enrich uranium for nuclear purposes because the terrorist sponsoring state has given its word that it will not develop a nuclear bomb. Netanyahu says otherwise, pointing out that the deal being cooked up by the White House and negotiated by Kerry, is the very path for a nuclear Iran.

This is an example of how the fourth estate, the free press, is not doing its job. NBC has been long considered a shill for this Islamist Marxist White House, and once again is proven its reputation. 

All week, Iran and the US "president" have done their best to discredit the leader of the primary state at risk if Iran gets the bomb--Israel.  Iran has repeatedly, along with its terrorist allies--Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, and a host of other Islamic terrorist arms both Shiite and Suni, said that Israel must be annihilated. Yet the American White House chimes in with virtually the same rhetoric trying to discredit the leader that says Iran is lying. So who is lying? 

The Apostle Paul writes about the coming end times in 2 Timothy. Verses 1-5 say, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God: Having the form of godliness, but denying the power thereof."  Does this not describe the players in this Iranian nuclear deal?
It is insane to think that a terrorist sponsoring state would tell the truth, or that an Islamist Marxist "president" would know the truth.
The last four words of verse 5 are: "from such turn away."

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

Thursday, March 05, 2015

shift right


The mainstream media has a tendency—more apparent in some outlets than in others—to cast a shadow of suspicion on those who dare oppose the agenda of extreme “green” organizations. Republican lawmakers are attacked, even demonized, for accepting campaign donations from the oil industry. Accusatory tones of climate change denying are palpable as organizations formed to offer an alternative point-of-view to “green energy” policies are cast as dark money groups that advocate irresponsible stewardship of the environment.

It’s the media pandering to the far-left, and it’s unacceptable.

Unfortunately, such was the case in a recent article published by the Seattle Times. The article gives a list of the top recipients of oil companies’ campaign donations in the state Legislature—most of whom are Republicans. It suggests that their adamant opposition to Jay Inslee’s cap-and-tax scheme is due to these donations.

It fails to mention that Inslee’s scheme would not make it out of the state Legislature because not even enough Democrats support it. The reason why has everything to do with the heavy cost-burden Inslee’s cap-and-tax scheme would place on Washington’s hardworking families with little to no benefit to carbon emission reduction.

Republicans oppose Inslee’s cap-and-tax scheme because it is a terrible policy. Plain and simple.

While the article readily hands the verdict of selfish intent to Republicans, it glosses over the influence of California billionaire Tom Steyer on Inslee and Democrats. It fails to mention Steyer’s unusually close relationship with our green governor or the millions he pumped into 2014 mid-term races in an attempt to hand the state Senate back to Democrats, making it easier for Inslee to achieve his extreme green agenda (a cap-and-tax scheme and fuel mandate).

At a time when Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber was forced to step down in disgrace amid serious ethics violations involving extreme green organizations, at a time when the media should be awakening to the reality that claiming good intentions is not an excuse for corruption, the Seattle Times’ article is a true travesty of journalism. It delivers a blow to hopes of more balanced reporting.

Currently, Shift WA is the only organization working to keep Jay Inslee, extreme green organizations and media outlets accountable in our state. It’s a tall order, an important task that must be done. But, we can’t do it without your support.

Consider helping us today. With your donation, we can continue our work shinning the light on Inslee’s extreme green agenda and pushing for greater government accountability by media outlets.

– Matthew, Josh and the rest of the SHIFT WA Team

Shift Washington | PO Box 406 | Woodinville, WA 98072 |

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ben Carson 2016

I just watched the short video by Dr. Benjamin Carson HERE as he announced his Presidential Exploration committee.  I made a small donation to show my support for him.  He will be on the Bill O'Reilly show on the Fox channel this evening.  He and Ted Cruz pretty much tied for 3rd place in the straw poll at the recent CPAC convention.  Rand Paul came in 1st and Scott Walker 2nd.  If you have been on this blog before, you may already know that GOP polls of the rank and file in Washington State show Dr. Carson getting more than double the amount of votes as the next runners up in this State. 

I Like him.  I like him a lot.  I hope we can keep Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in the Senate where they are doing a good job under the circumstances.  Walker is doing well in Wisconsin and we need more Governors like him in the States all across the country.

The first thing I like about Dr. Carson is what people say is a weak point.  They say he has no political experience.  Personally, I would be THRILLED to see someone put in authority who is NOT one of the "good ole boys club."  Look at what happened in D.C just this week.  We finally get a conservative majority in the house and the senate by voting our convictions against the "usurper's" tactics of "Executive Amnesty" and so on - but  the professional politicians ignored the will of the people and pushed through a bill to fund the usurper's executive amnesty anyway.  

The last thing we need is another professional politician. Dr. Carson may not be a D.C. insider but do not kid yourself - no black man could have risen to the place of power and authority in his career at John Hopkins University Hospital with out knowing how to work with people in a flawed system.  I encourage you to read his autobiography "Gifted Hands" or watch the movie by the same name on Netflix.  See my review of the book in the right hand column of this blog. 

The man presently in the White House is an imposter.  Ben will be the first REAL black man to hold the office of President of the United States when we elect him.  It will be wonderful to see him correct all the errors of this last administration.  Those that do the number crunching have determined if Ben only gets 17% of the black vote in 2016, he cannot lose. 

Guess what? MORE Taxes...

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Massive tax increases out of Olympia illustrate why Initiative 1366 is absolutely essential        

         Since 2007, we've had legislative sessions with the 2/3 protection and sessions without it.  In 2008 and 2009, for example, the 2/3 protected us perfectly and not a single tax hike was imposed.  In 2010, the 2/3 was suspended and Olympia imposed $6.7 billion in higher taxes.  Without the 2/3, it's not whether they're gonna raise taxes, it's only a question of how much. 

         There is no 2/3 protection in effect during this year's legislative session.  As a direct result of that, it's shaping up to be a monumentally expensive session.  Earlier this week, the Legislature voted to take over $15 billion from statewide taxpayers and voted to authorize Sound Transit to take over $11 billion more from Puget Sound taxpayers. 

         But that's just the beginning.  We've got Governor Inslee pushing for a new state income tax (he calls it a capital gains tax), new carbon taxes (cap and tax) and many other taxes and fees.

         Without the 2/3 protection, the Legislature is unhinged and unrestrained.  They're going absolutely bonkers.

          What they're doing in Olympia right now vividly and dramatically illustrates how essential it is for us to succeed this year with our 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative.  Initiative 1366 provides permanent protection from higher taxes.  Pass it one time and it is for all time.  Once we get the 2/3 Constitutional Amendment passed, politicians can never be take it way.   

         As we announced on Monday, your donations to Initiative 1366 are being matched dollar-for-dollar this month.  A successful businessman has agreed to give as much as each of you gives during the month of March.  So your donations are worth DOUBLE this month. 

         Please maximize your support for I-1366 by contributing RIGHT NOW.  

          The 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative is the most exciting, impactful, needed initiative we've ever done.  Voters have 5 times supported initiatives requiring a two-thirds vote of the Legislature for any tax increase.  We want that policy to be permanent.  We want that policy enshrined in our state Constitution. 

         But we need your help to make Initiative 1366 a reality.

         We have from now until July 2nd to get over 320,000 voter signatures to qualify our critically important initiative for the ballot.  That's over 2000 signatures PER DAY!  That's a huge mountain to climb.  That's why we've already hired professional signature collectors to help.  That's why we need you to donate.  

        Let me be absolutely clear:  success is the only option with the signature drive for I-1366.  Please help us make it happen.  

If you support our efforts to protect taxpayers and you want to ensure the success of our new initiative, please send us a donation for $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000 or more (there are no limits on how much can be given).  You can go to our website right now - and make a secure on-line contribution by PayPal or VISA or M/C.  OR, you can print this form, fill it out, and return it with a check or credit card information.

Voter Action works - Tell them NO!

NRA-ILA: Institute for Legislative Action

Washington: Two Anti-Gun Bills Stopped in Legislature

Last week, thanks to members’ calls, two egregious anti-gun bills, House Bill 1131 and House Bill 1857, died at cut-off.
As previously reported, HB 1131, sponsored by Representative Eric Pettigrew (D-37), would have criminalized the sale or transfer of legally purchased ivory and ivory products, including firearms, knives and other collectible items.  HB 1131 was introduced with the supposed intent of curbing poaching and helping to end the illegal ivory trade. Unfortunately, this bill would not have accomplished either of those purported objectives.
Also previously reported, HB 1857, sponsored by Representative Laurie Jinkins (D-27), would have allowed a family member, any “household member,” or a police officer to deprive someone of his or her Second Amendment rights based on accusations without adequate due process.  
Thank you to all of our members for their strong opposition to these bills. Your continued calls and emails made the difference in defeating these measures.

Citizen Link Update


March 3, 2015
CitizenLink Report: Changing Election Outcomes

by CitizenLink Team

Your support for CitizenLink helped change the outcome of the election.

Together with our association of family policy councils, we identified pro-family voters who may not have otherwise shown up for a midterm election. We've learned that when people know the difference between candidates on the social issues, they are far more likely to turn out to vote.

In the CitizenLink Report, John Paulton shares some of the metrics that show the impact of that strategy. It's a difference that you helped make.

Watch Video

TAKE ACTION: Ask Arkansas Lawmakers to Protect Religious Freedom

by CitizenLink Team

Arkansas’ Conscience Protection Act was narrowly defeated in committee last week after several groups made incorrect statements about the purpose of the bill. The measure restores and protects the religious freedom of individuals and business owners.

Twenty other states have passed similar laws. The Arkansas bill can be resurrected for another vote. Supporters are asking people across the country to contact legislators in the state and urge them to defend religious freedom.
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“The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been above politics. It must always remain above politics.”
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel prime minister
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Ben is RUNNING !!!!

Monday, March 02, 2015

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Accuracy is negotiable; reliability is not. You should put a lot of thought into the selection of your defensive ammo. First and foremost, that ammo must feed, fire, and eject every time you pull the trigger. After that, you might want to do some accuracy testing and research some terminal ballistics testing of the ammo you use in a gun substantially similar to yours. A new column and video series in Concealed Carry Magazine called “Clear Impact” will work to bring you this valuable information, but we can’t test every combination as quickly as we would like.

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