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Illinois Gun Bill

Chicago Crime Rate Goes Down After 

Illinois Gun Bill Passed...Coincidence?

Posted on Philip Hodges        
The police department is claiming that the reason crime has gone down since their gun bill was passed is simple. It’s that they’ve been doing great police work in getting guns off the streets and out of the wrong hands. 

But is that really all there is to it? Here’s The Blaze:
Robberies are down 20 percent this year, according to Chicago Police Department statistics. Burglaries are also down 20 percent, while motor vehicle thefts are down 26 percent.
Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy attributed the decrease to “intelligent policing strategies” and said cops confiscated more than 1,300 illegal guns in the first quarter of the year.
But Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said it’s clear to him what’s driving the decrease — and it’s not the police. He said the department “hasn’t changed a single tactic.”  “It isn’t any coincidence crime rates started to go down when concealed carry was permitted. Just the idea that the criminals don’t know who’s armed and who isn’t has a deterrence effect,” Pearson told the Times.
By July 29, Illinois had 83,183 applications for concealed carry and had issued 68,549 licenses, the Times reported. Pearson predicted that 100,000 Illinois citizens will have concealed carry permits by the end of 2014.

Whenever a city or locality experiences a drop in crime following the enactment of a law that loosens government restrictions on guns, the police always give themselves the credit. Whatever they were doing didn’t do anything before the gun law, but all of a sudden it has an effect after the gun law.
We’ve seen the same thing in Detroit. Except that that the police chief there James Craig doesn’t try to take all the credit. He was a staunch gun control proponent until he worked in Maine, a gun-friendly state compared to California, which is where he came from. When he saw how safe Maine was compared to Los Angeles, and how many Mainers owned guns, he decided that there might be something to citizens owning guns. Then, when he came to Detroit, he openly encouraged citizens to keep and bear arms for their own protection. Since then, crime has gone down.
It looks like a similar thing is happening in Chicago. As difficult and expensive as it is to obtain a concealed carry permit there, it’s had an effect on the crime rate. Criminals aren’t as safe as they used to be.

Read more at http://lastresistance.com/7029/chicago-crime-rate-goes-illinois-gun-bill-passedcoincidence/#WmWKgHdFzYYYwGFW.99

All the scandals have a common link

What links all of the scandals 

in Washington together?

In season two, For The Record investigated the changing role of media in keeping the nation’s politicians honest. As newsroom budgets shrink and other supposedly impartial journalists are willing to overlook scandals involving partisan allies, groups like Judicial Watch have stepped in. They’ve investigated scandals from Benghazi to the IRS targeting, and have now uncovered evidence of a new scandal that reaches all the way to the White House.

Vote NO on I-594

There is an initiative on the WA State ballot this November that seeks to create a universal handgun registry.

Initiative 594 is a universal handgun registration scheme being promoted by a very wealthy group of anti-gun elitists who have already raised nearly $1.4 million to qualify this initiative.  Although they describe it as a "universal background check" measure, it is not “universal” because criminals will never comply with the requirements. 

It is however, a mandate for all responsibly armed citizens to register their handguns so the government will know where they are - when it comes time to confiscate them.

To learn more about what we are doing to fight against I-594, please like us on Facebook:


Your continued support of our grassroots activities is now more important than ever!
For more information, contact :

Lexy Rusnak
Washington Grassroots Coordinator
NRA-ILA Grassroots Division

NRA-ILA Grassroots ·
11250 Waples Mill Rd,
Fairfax, VA 22030,
United States

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The Race Card

Ferguson and Racism

Here is an interesting interchange between Jesse Jackson and Ben Carson you might like to see.  

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Seattle socialist takes aim at rest of state - and Democrats
want to help
Did the Beatles sing, "Please Mr. Postman, edit my blog?"
David Postman - former Seattle Times reporter and current Executive Director of Communications for Jay Inslee - evidently has a lot of extra time on his hands. Either that, or he really regrets giving up the newspaper life to serve Inslee, a move that can only be characterized as an intellectual downgrade. [read more]
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Inslee gas tax scheme still adds up to $1 or more per gallon, says
energy expert
King County Democrats demand close-minded thought from endorsed candidates
It may seem strange for a party that talks a lot about tolerance and diversity, but those are qualities that the King County Democrats don't want to see much of among their endorsed candidates. In fact, the local Democrats have a very specific set of rules for candidates seeking party endorsement. [read more]
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Murray and Obama - the Buck Stops (Not) Here
How to become a Seattle Democrat favorite - push for an income tax
Pramila Jayapal isn't even in the State Senate, but already liberal progressive media outlets from the Seattle Weekly to Publicola are swooning over her. [read more]
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Big labor defends picketers' right to make hostile threats
The Stand — mouthpiece of the Washington State Labor Council (WSLC) — recently accused the Seattle Times of supporting "greedy corporations" during the grain export dispute between United Grain Corp. and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) at the Port of Vancouver. After announcing he would remove police protection from state grain inspectors, the Times had chastised Jay Inslee for taking the side of the union by placing an effective hold on all grain exports. [read more]
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PRO-Life News

LifeNews.com Pro-Life News Report

Monday, August 25, 2014

For pro-life news updated throughout the day, visit LifeNews.com.
Top Stories• Pro-Lifers Slam Massive Fines Obama Wants on Catholic Nuns Who Oppose HHS Mandate
• Catholic Church Warns Pro-Lifers About Ice Bucket Challenge Donations

• Pregnant Couples Defend Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome: “Loving Kids Like That is a Waste”
• Tax-Funded PBS to Air Propaganda Film “Humanizing” Docs Who Do Third-Trimester Abortions

More Pro-Life News
• Wife of Leading Pro-Life Activist Still Missing Almost 50 Days After Disappearance
• Your Heart Will Break When You See What He Was Making
• Doctors Offered Them a Chance to Abort Their Disabled Baby, But They Trusted God
• She Didn’t Want to Disappoint Her Parents, So She Didn’t Tell Them She Aborted Their Grandchild
• The Hardest Place for Us to Take Our Special Needs Child? Our Church
• You Won’t Believe What These Youth Spent Three Months Doing to Promote the Pro-Life Message

• Abortion is Perfectly Fine, But Don’t Disturb the Pregnant Pandas

• Pope Francis Asked to Ban Planned Parenthood Staff From Catholic Church Positions
• Number of Suicide Tourists Heading to Switzerland Doubles in Four Years
• Construction of New Orleans Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Stopped After Violations

• She Was Dragged Out of Her Home in the Middle of the Night and Forcibly Aborted at Six Months
• Euthanasia Targets People Living With Disabilities

The SS Hoax

The Social Security Trust Fund Hoax

It is amazing how many Americans are not aware of what the politicians in D.C. have done and are doing with their Social Security.  According to the latest figures, the Social Security Trust Fund should have risen to $60 billion last year.  These are the funds that are to pay for future Social Security benefits.  However, the funds were “Loaned” to the general Treasury and spent by politicians.  Money paid into the Trust Fund by honest, hard-working citizens - is not there anymore.  We had to pay into a government mandated retirement system and now the money to pay our benefits is not there.  This is a rip-off   by greedy, power-hungry, tax and spend politicians in Washington D. C. 

If this causes any alarm for you at all, now is the time to start working with those that are out to correct this injustice.  Rep. Tim Wallberg of Michigan has introduced a bill, H.R. 1517, the Social Security and Medicare Lock-Box Act, that is gaining support from several Senior Citizen grassroots groups. H.R. 1517 would IMMEDIATELY suspend the current practice of letting government “borrow” extra Trust Fund surpluses and instead direct the Funds into something that is actual savings.  No longer could politicians squander our money on outrageous schemes like: $914,000 to study romance novels, $1,900,000 for “lifestyle” coaching for US Senate Staffers, $704,198 on shrubbery for the US Ambassador to NATO’s home in Brussels, $390,000 on the Green Ninja character designed to indoctrinate children about climate change. 

Ladies and gentlemen, for scores of years BILLIONS have been taken from the Social Security Trust Fund and “invested” in special government bonds.  Folks, these “special bonds” are nothing more than a glorified IOU from one branch of the government to another.  That means the government has loaned itself over $2.7 TRILLION (and counting) from your money in the Trust Fund to use as they see fit.  Are you getting this?  Is it sinking in at all?  Because of these shenanigans, a bi-partisan Congressional Research Service has noted that our Social Security Trust Fund is available to pay for future benefits "only in a book keeping sense” and “do not consist of funds that can be drawn down in the future to fund benefits.” 

2014 is an election year.  You MUST do what you can do to get this message out in the next 60 days.  Work with organizations like Senior American Association and send in their survey to Stop the Social Security Rip off. It is URGENT that you take action quickly.

SAA President, Gilbert Davis

P.O. Box 97064

Washington D.C. 20090-7064

Why Train with a Gun?

Knowledge is your best weapon. Preparation is your best defense.

Life Put Into Perspective In Just 25 Words...

Dear responsibly armed American,
The latest issue of Concealed Carry Magazine
will be hitting 120,000+ doorsteps across America this week.
And it hit my desk this Tuesday.
While I was paging through the Letters to the Editor
section, I noticed something that I absolutely had to share with you...

Here's this month's first letter to the editor:

Thank you to Carlton for sharing this with us.

Now, I don't know about you, but that message left
me speechless and brought a few tears to my eyes...

You see, this short note completely expresses the exact reason I created
Concealed Carry Magazine from my kitchen table over ten years ago!

Your family looks to you as their protector, as their knight in
shining armor, as their defense against all that is evil in the world!
And the lifesaving information, expert training and tips, real-life
stories, and unbiased gear reviews in Concealed Carry Magazine
can help transform you into that protector that your family knows you are.

Will you join me on this journey?

THIS is why I train! <==Click here
Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA

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TLBC Latest News.

  The Lord's Baptist Church

11102 Yakima Avenue South
Tacoma, WA.  98444
Pastor: Larry J. Killion
For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 


Latest News:

(August 24, 2014) 

Sunday School Bible Study:  10AM  Brother Turner taught from Roy Mason's  book "The Church that Jesus Built."  Lesson . audio
Worship Service:  11AM "Characteristics of Christs Sheep."  by Pastor. audio
Afternoon Service:  1:30PM  Pastor continued our "Arm Chair Tour of Israel." #10. Masada. audio 
   13 in attendance this morning.  Good to have all the Russel Family in the morning service.  No first time visitors.  Penny called in sick.  Grace and Forrest were back. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Montana Man

A Win Here Would Be Huge

Our number one goal for 2014 has been to take control of the Senate away from Harry Reid and the Democrats. Montana is a state that we have a chance to change from blue to red, and it is critical to winning the upper chamber in November.
Tea Party Express endorsed Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Steve Daines last year to replace then retiring Senator Max Baucus (D), and we are confident that his campaign will prove successful in November amidst Democrat scandals involving Senator Baucus and his replacement Senator John Walsh (D) if we can continue the momentum.

Every state, vote, and dollar counts! 
Donate Here

Show some LOVE

We have an emergency in Utah. Mia Love’s opponent, liberal Doug Owens, has cut Mia’s lead to single digits.
And after people hear more about this Democrat’s message, Owens actually leads Mia Love 48% - 41%!
Every liberal in America is gunning for Mia Love. And it appears they are making serious progress.
The left can’t stand the idea of a black conservative woman storming into Washington and taking on their precious Barack Obama.
So they are pouring resources into Utah.
And that’s why the Black Conservatives Fund is committed to doing everything possible to help elect Mia Love.
We had hoped that Mia would be able to withstand the Democrats’ attacks without our help. However, this recent poll is very, very bad news.
Her lead is dwindling, and we have to stop it before it’s too late.
Remember, the liberals just barely defeated Mia Love in 2012 by dumping millions of dollars in attack ads into her district. They are trying to do the exact same thing again this year.
And this poll shows that if Mia Love can’t refute Owens’ message, he will soon completely blow past her in the polls.

Mexican Cartel ISIS Connection

What will liberals say now? How can they argue that not securing the border is in our best interest?
Check it out:
Former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker said that he believes there is “a lot of communication” between ISIS and Mexican drug cartels given past efforts by al Qaeda to do likewise on Thursday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”
“We’ve had good intel over the years about al Qaeda, about their efforts to coordinate with, as an example, Mexican cartels…in an effort to try to exploit our southern border” he reported, adding that a terrorist group like ISIS “absolutely” knows about the lack of security on the border.
Baker stated he believes there is “a lot of communication” between ISIS and drug cartels. And “the cartels are a business … if there’s a revenue stream they can exploit, then they will, and the extremists understand that.”

Read more at http://conservativebyte.com/2014/08/lots-communication-isis-mexican-cartels/#jdRh52rkC56jJKbM.99

ISIS Plan to blow up an American City

This might interrupt one of Obama’s golf games.

Check it out:
The ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee in the U.S. Senate is warning that ISIS terrorists, those who this week beheaded an American journalist, are trying to develop the capability of blowing up an entire American city.

The comments from Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., came in an interview with the Fox affiliate in Oklahoma City.  He said the U.S. now is in “the most dangerous position we’ve ever been in.”

Responding to questions about terror and the threat facing Americans, he said: “They’re crazy out there. And they are rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city. You just can’t believe that’s happening.”

He told the station the threat is significant, and he blamed it on the cuts in defense spending made by President Obama.
“He’s going to have to come up with something we’re going to do because they’re holding another hostage … and the problem is the president, he says all these things and he never does them.”
“They’re so bad that al-Qaida’s afraid of them.”
ISIS members, he said, are “really bad terrorists.” 

Post Continues on www.wnd.com

Squatter Problem

Be Ready

An armed 73-year-old woman stood her ground when a man broke into her Lilburn, Georgia, home earlier this month, sending the suspect to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. The audio from the 911 call, released by police recently, captured the entire incident and proves she is one tough woman.

The woman, who hasn’t been identified, says she heard someone knocking at her door at around 9:45 p.m. on August 3. She didn’t answer and a few moments later, she heard the sound of glass shattering, confirming her fears that an intruder was trying to get into her home.

The woman, who was home alone at the time, then retrieved her handgun and called 911.  “Sir, they are in my house now,” the woman is heard telling a 911 dispatcher.

After a period of silence, apparent gunshots ring out and unintelligible screaming can be heard in the audio.  “Get out of my home!” the woman screams at the intruder. “Get out now — while you’re still alive!”

“OK, I’ll get out,” the intruder responds, seemingly terrified. “I’m getting out.”  Listen to the dramatic audio via My Fox Atlanta:
Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5 The suspect, identified by police as Jamie Christopher Lewis, ran for his life and went to a nearby hospital to get treatment for a gunshot wound. After he was treated at the hospital, he was arrested.

Stop Reid


It's time to stack the Senate with true conservatives.

True conservatives like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin.

Ernst and Sarah Palin And while Sarah Palin isn't running for Senate, her hand-picked candidate State Senator Joni Ernst is.

Joni Ernst is running against Harry Reid and Barack Obama's hand-picked candidate, liberal Congressman Bruce Braley.

The choice is clear: Harry Reid's hand-picked candidate or Sarah Palin's hand-picked candidate. Who do you choose?

Will you make sure Joni wins to add to the number of conservatives in the Senate by sending $25, $50 or $100 today?

Here is the bottom line: Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley are tied! According to the latest NBC poll just taken, Ernst and Braley are tied 43-43.

If your contribution could ever make a difference, now is the chance. Will you contributed at least $5 to help? Or even $35 or $50 if you can afford it.   


NRA News

NRA Ad Campaign Exposes the Real Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is not having the success in burying the NRA that he expected when
he announced his $50 million campaign against the Second Amendment and the
formation of his gun control umbrella group, Everytown for Gun Safety.

As we reported last week, his investment in Milwaukee to defeat pro-gun Sheriff David
Clarke failed in spite of the huge infusion of cash Bloomberg provided to promote Clarke’s
anti-gun opponent. This defeat, on top of the recall of Colorado state senators last year,
shows the inherent weakness of Bloomberg’s operation: it has no real grassroots support,
just money and bluster.

To make things worse for the former mayor, NRA has launched a national effort aimed at
exposing Michael Bloomberg’s anti-freedom agenda. The "Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg"
advertising campaign kicked off this week with a television advertisement titled “Insult.” “Insult”
is the first in a series of ads that will highlight Bloomberg's hypocrisy, arrogance and desire
to control the lives of ordinary Americans.

NICS Data Suggest Gun Sales Still Strong in 2014

Guns are durable goods, and Americans have bought more than 100 million brand new guns during the last 15 years, on top of the 200 million they already had. Thus, when assessing the strength of gun ownership in the United States, it probably doesn’t matter very much whether Americans bought a few more or a few less guns this year than they did last year or the year before. To paraphrase a quote often attributed to the late U.S. Sen. Everett Dirksen, “100 million here and 100 million there, and by and by you’re talking about a lot of guns.”


Mississippi Yawning: One Year Later, Dire Open Carry Predictions Prove False

It’s long been a predictable pattern. A state or locality relaxes its restrictions on carrying firearms and doesn’t devolve into the anarchy gun opponents predicted. The latest example comes from Mississippi, where last year a change in the law, and a Mississippi Supreme Court ruling, ensured that law-abiding residents could exercise their right to carry openly without a permit. According to a report in Mississippi’s Clarion-Ledger, after a year of lawful open carry, not much has changed.

Leaked Documents Reveal Danger of Watchlist Legislation, Attacks on Due Process

For over a decade, anti-gun activists have attempted to exploit the country’s fear of terrorism in order to expand the categories of persons prohibited by federal law from owning firearms. Dubbed the effort to close the “Terror Gap” by the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), gun controllers, including Michael Bloomberg, have championed legislation that would empower the federal government to deny firearms to those on the Terrorist Watchlist.

NRA has uniformly opposed such legislation as a violation of the Fifth Amendment right to due process, repeatedly calling into question the list’s accuracy and secrecy and the inability of a person meaningfully to challenge his or her listing.

Ignorant Writers Issue Dire Pistol Prediction

The Army is talking about adopting a new pistol and, according to Maureen Mackey of the Fiscal Times, “when that happens, America’s emergency rooms better be prepared for the carnage that’s likely to follow.” Previously, freelance anti-gun writer Matt Valentine made a similar prediction in The Atlantic.

Along with their apparent predisposition against guns, Mackey and Valentine base their predictions on 1992 claim from Daniel Webster, whose advocacy of gun control masquerades as public health research. Webster argued that as semi-automatic pistols became more popular than revolvers in the 1980s, the number of wounds per gunshot victim increased.