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 Touché-absolutely hilarious!! []
This happened to an Englishman in France who was totally drunk The French policeman stops his car and asks the gentleman if he has been drinking.
With great difficulty, the Englishman admits that he has been drinking all day, that his daughter got married in the morning to a French man, and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception and 
quite a few glasses of single malt there after.

Quite upset, the policeman proceeds to alcotest (breath test) him and asks the Englishman if he knows under French Law why he has just been arrested.

The Englishman answers With humour:  No! Do you know that this is a British car and that my wife is the driver... on the other side???

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Where Have All The Fireflies Gone?
Where Have All The Fireflies Gone?
By Susan Patterson Image source: Flickr Don’t you miss those warm summer evenings lighted intermittently by the little flashes of fireflies? Many of us have been fortunate enough to enjoy the magic of fireflies and have even seen them up close, a privilege our children may be denied. Nostalgia aside, it’s quite disturbing that you […]
After Reading This Study You May Never Eat A Doughnut Again
After Reading This Study You May Never Eat A Doughnut Again
By Kimberlee Hertzer Image source: CBSNews Let’s face it—it’s hard to stick to a diet. We start a diet on Monday and plan to stick with it. That is, until Friday comes along and the kids want pizza for dinner. Eventually, we give in and eat 3 slices of extra cheese. After all, we deserve […]
How To Survive A Broken Bone In The Wilderness
How To Survive A Broken Bone In The Wilderness
By Nicholas O. Image source: Every survival kit should have first aid supplies, but even those supplies may not include what is needed in dealing with serious injuries when out in the wild, such as a bone fracture, dislocation or sprain. Accidents like these can and do happen in the wilderness, so you should […]
Rules Of Engagement For Resisting The Police State – Should We Just Follow Orders?
Rules Of Engagement For Resisting The Police State – Should We Just Follow Orders?
By John W. Whitehead Image source: Dallas Morning News The perils of resisting the police state grow more costly with each passing day, especially if you hope to escape with your life and property intact. The thing you must remember is that we’ve entered an age of militarized police in which we’re no longer viewed […]
Bug In Or Bug Out? Why Conventional Wisdom May Be Wrong
Bug In Or Bug Out? Why Conventional Wisdom May Be Wrong
By Nicholas O. Image source: Politico During a serious threat or disaster, all of your prepping and preparedness will come into play. But you will immediately be confronted with a major decision to make: Do you bug in, or bug out? Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Bugging in is very similar to digging […]
This Report Confirms: You Can’t Rely On Government During A Pandemic
This Report Confirms: You Can’t Rely On Government During A Pandemic
By Daniel Jennings Image source: Inquisitr The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is incapable of dealing with a major influenza pandemic or epidemic despite spending $47 million on preparations, the agency’s own inspector general concluded. An audit found that the department could not even keep track of stockpiles of essential supplies such as antibiotic […]
5 Ways To Beat Old Man Winter And Grow Veggies During Cold Weather
5 Ways To Beat Old Man Winter And Grow Veggies During Cold Weather
By Susan Patterson Image source: DeepRootsAtHome The beginning of winter need not be the end of your growing season. People are increasingly turning to homegrown food, and they don’t want to be put off by frost or a few inches of snow. There are several frost-hardy vegetables which will help you extend the season. For […]
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Gun Free Zones

UGAR newsletter
The "Gun Free" Zone Survival Guide ...
If there is one thing we all know -- it's criminals do NOT follow the law. 
(That's why they call them criminals!)
But career politicians up in their ivory towers on Capitol Hill still think it's a good idea to Federally mandate "Target Rich" areas commonly called "gun free" zones.
Of course, the only people who follow the "no guns" rule in these areas are law abiding citizens like you and I.
The truth is, almost every single mass murder (aka "Active shooter") event has happened in a "Gun Free" zone.
Would you know what to do if someone started shooting in a "Gun Free" zone?
If not click the link below to get up to speed fast

"Molon Labe!"
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Monday, October 20 2014
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6 Best Survival Guns
6-best-survival-guns Dear Survivalists,
When it comes to survival weapons, are you sure you have what you need?
Not all weapons are created equal.
Some guns are better for long-range shooting, some for up-close. Some are made for hunting, others for self-defense. Some are perfect for novice shooters, while others require more advanced skills.
So how do you choose which gun is best for you?

Finding the Best Survival Footwear
Choose-the-right-survival-footwear Dear Survivalists,
Lieutenant Dan in “Forrest Gump” had two standing orders for his platoon: always take care of your feet, and don’t get yourself killed.
Pretty good advice, I’d say.
That first one can be tricky though, especially when you’re out there hoofing it for hours at a time.
What can you do to take care of your feet in a survival situation, and why should you care?
Click here to find out.

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Knife Laws By State: How to Stay Legal
Know-your-state-knife-laws Dear Survivalists,
You probably know that knife laws vary from state to state.
What goes in Texas might be illegal in Tennessee.
You might be familiar with the knife laws in your state, but what about other states?
If you plan on traveling, it’s good information to have.
Click here to learn how to stay legal.

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Ebola is here.

1 Weird Trick To Surviving Ebola

Dear Patriot,

Look, you and I both know it ...
This Ebola thing is out of control!

It basically melts your organs from the inside, causing you to bleed out through your eyes and nose.

And now that Obama and his incompetent fools at the CDC have let it show up on our soil, there’s no stopping it.

Look at how the government responded to hurricane Katrina a few years back. The whole thing was botched from the start.

Look at how they bailed out the banks, providing golden parachutes for their CEO friends while you and I are stuck with savings accounts that don’t pay squat.
The CDC is no better. They've already been exposed as utter frauds. A PhD found a major cover up that the CDC made early decisions on drugs that actually hurt our children.

And their complete and utter screw ups with this Ebola breakout will prove to be the same…
And trust me, this is no normal virus ...

The Bubonic Plague from the Middle Ages
Only Killed A Third Of Those Infected ...

Ebola Kills As Much As 90%!

If you’re like me, then you believe they shouldn’t have let planes from Africa into our great country in the first place.

But now that they have, you and I both know that the Feds are keeping this all hush-hush. We’re being lied to. They want us to keep calm and carry on.

But believe me, it’s worse than we imagine.

Just consider…

They said Ebola had been diagnosed in Dallas, Texas.
First, they said this Dallas patient had contact with just a “few” people.

Then the number grew to 12-18 people…

Then up to 80 people…

Now it’s up to 100 people who may have been affected.

That’s 100 loyal Americans that are being watched twice a day by the CDC, having their temperature taken and privacy violated.

And it doesn’t stop there…

My guess?

That thousands were exposed…

Especially when you consider that this Patient flew from Liberia in to Dulles Airport in Washington DC -- one of America’s biggest transportation hubs.

Then on to Dallas, another major hub.

Hundreds were on those planes. Hundreds more have had contact with those passengers on those plans.

Point blank – we have the next major pandemic
on our hands here ...

Hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans could die – surpassing the death count of the Plague, or the Spanish Flu.
The CDC won't help you. The government won't help you. And the experimental drug, called ZMAPP, that they gave to the first American Ebola patients has completely run dry. The company that makes ZMAPP won't be able to make more for months.
This is serious. This is deadly. This is about... you.

Listen, you can’t just bury your head in the sand here. Because this is going to be much worse than we all imagine.

That’s why I’ve tirelessly worked day and night to come up with the world’s first ever Common Sense Prepper’s Guide to Surviving Ebola ...
It’s called Ebola Has Hit the USA - What To Do NOW To Protect Yourself and Your Family!

Consider it insurance for the tough times ahead. Where you’ll discover simple things you can do to protect yourself (and your family) from ever getting this deadly virus.

And as a public service – in order to help as many Americans as possible before this turns into a crisis – I’m practically giving it away FREE (but only on this page, and only for a very limited time as you’ll see below) ...

Let me show you just a sample of what you’ll discover inside this life-saving guide ...
  • EXACTLY what type of Virus Ebola is (knowing this is the KEY to protecting yourself from infection and fighting the disease!)
  • The #1 reason why Ebola is so dangerous and so deadly
  • What the Government is NOT telling you about how Ebola spreads (if you think it’s just through bodily fluids, you’re only half-right. You need this information NOW before you accidentally expose yourself or your helpless family!)
  • The ONLY good thing about the Ebola virus (hint: if you can survive long enough, this might just save you!)
  • Why the Governments “facts” on who is infectious are NOT to be trusted (if you don’t know this you could easily expose yourself)
  • WARNING: Ebola can appear to be the common flu – here’s what to do if you think you or a family member are starting to show symptoms...
  • Mother Nature’s VIRUS ASSASSIN and how you can use it to kill and disinfect the Ebola Virus on yourself, your clothing, objects and practically anything else (best part? It’s 100% FREE and you already use it every day!)
  • 13 proven disinfectants you MUST know that can kill the Ebola virus (and how to use them without killing yourself too!)
  • The QUICKEST and EASIEST way to disinfect yourself, objects or anything you think might be contaminated with just a couple quick wipes (grab this and take it with you if you’re traveling to airports or other public places!)
  • Why there is no known “cure” for the Ebola virus and the TRUTH about some of the natural remedies you hear about online
  • Why “quarantining” infected people may be the ONLY way to stop the spread of Ebola (and the cold, hard truth about what this means to you, me, our families and our freedoms!)
  • The absolute WORST place to be during this Ebola epidemic (hint: you need a “bug out” plan now!)
  • How to “quarantine in place” and turn your home into a virtually impenetrable “safe house” against Ebola
  • What to do if the unthinkable happens and one of your loved ones gets infected (if you don’t do this – the Government might rip someone you love out of your home and quarantine them!)
  • How to get your own protective clothing kit inexpensively (including everything you need, the materials, and how to modify them so they best repel Ebola)—go buy this gear NOW!
  • Plus much, MUCH MORE!
As a bonus, you should know that everything you discover in this guide will also work against any other virus that the Ebola virus mutates into (or any viral weapon for that matter)
The bottom line?
As far as I am aware of, The Ebola Has Hit the USA Guide is the only blueprint of its kind that contains this life-saving information.
After you go through this just once, it will open your eyes to the brutal reality of the threat Ebola is and how to protect yourself ...
It will give you the “shortcut” guide to what the danger is, and how to prepare (and even do it on a budget).

Here’s How To Get Your Copy Now ...

When I was writing this report, I was researching like a mad man ...
I just heard on the radio that sales of “prepper” materials for preparing agasint Ebola have gone up 1,000% or more ...
And the CDC was getting over 800 calls a day (compared to about 50 calls a day “normally”) ...
Normally, a survival guide like this would retail for $27. Or if you were a member of THE 3-PERCENTER REPORT organization -- $19.95 ...
But the truth is: the Government is keeping a tight lid on how dangerous and deadly Ebola is (and how much we are all at risk) and I don’t want money to get in the way of ANYONE who needs this information ...
... that’s why for a very limited time, I am cutting the price of this guide DRAMATICALLY.
That’s why for today only, you can get this guide for not $27 ... not $17 ... for today only or until this offer is closed, you can claim your copy for only $7.00.
Just click the “Add-To-Cart” button below to get instant access to this guide now.

Why is it only $7?

That’s a good question, and there are THREE reasons actually ...
Number one – at just $7.00 this report is affordable for most people. It’s not too expensive for anyone who is serious about protecting themselves and their family...
Number two, anyone who’s not serious enough about their personal protection to invest just $7.00 probably won’t even take the time to use the information that’s in this guide.
The simple fact of the matter is that giving away valuable information (like in an article or blog post) makes people think it has NO value.
Lastly, anyone who is serious enough to invest $7 to get this guide will most likely tell all their friends about it.
And when you do that, I won’t have to spend as much money on advertising because hopefully this report will go “viral” and spread by “word-of-mouth” (no pun intended).
So if you’re serious about protecting yourself and your family, click the “Add-To-Cart” button below now.
If you need to justify the expense ... if you break down your investment over the next 30-days ... $7.00 is just .23 cents per day ...
Doesn’t it make sense to invest LESS than a quarter per day to get a quick-read guide that might possibly save your life one day?
Look, I sincerely believe that you can’t get much more value for $7.00 than what you’re getting here, but even so I’ll put all the risk on my shoulders with my ...

60-day, 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee ...

Put very simply, I’m so confident you’ll find this report is everything I say it is, that if you’re unsatisfied in any way, I won’t keep your money.
If for any reason you don’t think this is the best $7.00 you’ve ever spent, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund your entire $7.00 and we can part ways as friends.
So in reality, it’s almost like you get to read the guide first – and then decide later whether you want to keep it ...
In short, you’re in COMPLETE CONTROL ...
So claim your copy now, before it’s too late ...
I can’t stress how time-sensitive this offer is. If you don’t take advantage of this offer right now, you might lose it on the internet forever, so click the “Add-To-Cart” button below now for instant access to The Ebola Has Hit the USA Guide .
This is a digital download report, which means you don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail.
You can access the report online in less than 5-minutes after you order ... you don’t have to wait to get started today, so click the link below to order now.

WARNING: This Information Might
Save Your Family’s Life!

Look, I wish there was no need to write a report like this.
But the reality is this:
*** Ebola is DEADLIER than the Bubonic Plague of the middle ages ...
*** About 75% of the health care workers fight Ebola in Africa are DEAD from the disease ...
*** Ebola is already here in the USA, and whether the media reports it or not, that first infected patient has already been in contact with HUNDREDS of people ...
*** Just like you would expect, Ebola cases are DOUBLING about every 21 days, the amount of time a person can take to show symptoms after being exposed ...

Even The Centers For Disease Control (CDC)
has predicted a worst-case scenario of
nearly 1.5 million cases of Ebola
by the end of January 2015!

If (and when) the infections spread ... and panic sets in ... we will most likely see entire cities or regions of the United States under military quarantine.
This is serious. And you need to prepare now.
The only question here is: are you ready to accept this reality and act accordingly?
Will you take the steps necessary to, at least, get up to speed with the powerful information in this short report.
Basically, you have two choices. You can choose to remain ignorant and be a victim or start learning how to protect yourself by getting this report.
No, you won’t immediately turn into someone impervious to Ebola ... but ... you’ll be giving yourself (and your family) a fighting chance.
It's that simple, and a no brainer at just $7.00.
Plus, your purchase is risk-free with my 100% money-back guarantee, so there’s literally no way you can lose here.
So click the “Add-To-Cart” button below to claim your copy now.
For Our Freedoms,

Caleb Lee

You will have the chance to review your order before its final